Enter Michigan Tech contest and win a 3D printer!

Michigan Tech University is giving away 3D printers for free! Well not completely, the university is challenging the 3D printing community (only citizens of the United States) to enter their contest and design things for a 3D printer that advance the cause of peace. The 3D printed gun was hot news the past time but it also gave 3D printing a negative vibe. Michigan Tech wants to celebrate designs that will make lives better.



Thats why they created a contest for the 3D printing community to design a product/thing/object for a 3D printer that can change the world in a positive way. “Ask yourself what Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa or Ghandi would make if they’d had access to 3D printing.” 

  • tool(s) to help pull people out of poverty
  • designs that can reduce racial conflict
  • low-cost medical devices
  • objects to improve energy efficiency or renewable energy sources to reduce wars over oil
  • tool(s) that would reduce military conflict and spending while making us all safer and more secure
  • things that boost sustainable economic development (e.g. designs for appropriate technology in the developing world to reduce scarcity)

1st: Type A Machines Series 1. 2nd: RepRap Prusa

Interested in entering the competition? Click here

- Jon

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